the templavoila extension configuration is missing

19.01.2012 | Typo3 | Author: Tom

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Just completed a fresh install of TYPO3 with templavoila?

Cleared the cache?

Getting this error message:

the templavoila extension configuration is missing

So i've had two friends come across this error this week, so I thought i'd share this simple fix.

Assuming you've just installed templavoila and your receiving this error message,

  • Go back into the Extension Manager
  • Select templavoila
  • Just hit the update button again, just like you did when you installed the extension at the very beginning.


This fix has always worked for me, let me know if it works for you too.


On a recent TYPO3 build I was working on, I came across this error (image below):

"The TemplaVoila configuration is missing. Please clear the cache and recheck the configuration within the extension manager."

Again I apply the same fix mentioned above.

templavoila error message